Ledow's GP2X software

This page hosts my GP2X software. The GP2X is a handheld videogame console, designed from the ground-up to run Linux and open-source software. Because of this, it is relatively easy to develop games and emulators for the GP2X, and to port existing Linux-based ones to run on it. Full versions of gaming libraries such as SDL and Allegro exist for the console, which runs bog-standard Linux on a set of ARM processors.

So, with a little cross-compiling and hard work, any game for Linux with source code can be ported to the GP2X and, with it's 200MHz processors, even most emulators work quite well and can run software of the Super Nintendo/Gameboy/Megadrive era at full speed

So far, I have two programs uploaded here - STPPC2x and Chaos2x


I'm a big fan of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection and I was a little disappointed to find that it hadn't been ported to the GP2X. So I did it. That meant creating a whole new "frontend" for the SDL libraries and converting the input systems to use the GP2X's joystick/buttons setup (how do you enter a number from 0 to 9 with a joystick? You have to code it specifically).

I named the collection STPPC2x and uploaded it to the GP2X archive, but the latest versions will always be available from this page. Current status as of September 2008 is that all games in the collection work. The games also compile and run on standard x86 Linux setups as well as the GP2X. I have also included two "unfinished" games, a new game that I found in a book and a third-party one (from Eddy Macnaghten's website:http://eddy.edlsystems.com/maze3d/).

Full instructions are included, with in-game help for those who just want to jump into the games. They are simple to install - just unzip and copy the entire folder to your GP2X's SD card and then select a game built-in menu. Full source code is available in the same place as the game download. There is also an optional music pack with tracks from Mr Lou. If installed, this will allow you to have some nice music playing while you puzzle.

Please note that the files contain the various LICENCE files for the source, and that the base programs were written by Simon Tatham and the other people mentioned there. I (ledow/Lee Dowling) only created the SDL/GP2X interface and the Makefile necessary to cross-compile them to ARM processors. I used Deja Vu fonts, the Open2x toolchain and libraries, SDL_gfx, INIParser and Paeryn's accelerated SDL library to do it. For those interested, I wrote the code (over 6000 lines of C) entirely using "pico", a plain text editor.

My code has also been used (with almost no modification) to make a port for the Dingoo A320, the GP2X Wiz and the Wii. You can download those ports from the links below. They use the exact same code, the A320 version modifies font sizing slightly and disables "640x480" mode for Maze3D.

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection for GP2X

[IMG] Version 1.1 released 27th February 2009
[IMG] Version 1.0 released 7th October 2008
[IMG] BETA 5 released 30th June 2008
[IMG] BETA 4 released 6th May 2008
[IMG] BETA 3 released 19th April 2008
[IMG] BETA 2 released 9th April 2008
[IMG] BETA 1 released 2nd April 2008

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection for GP2X Wiz

[IMG] Version 1.1 for GP2X Wiz

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection for Dingoo A320

[IMG] Version 1.1 for Dingoo A320

STPPWii for Wii Homebrew

[IMG] Version for Wii homebrew

Chaos 2x

This is a port of Quirky's GBA port of the original Spectrum game, Chaos.

You can find Quirky's original code here: http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/. All I did was put in one function to emulate "keys" using the GP2X joystick and then recompile as best I could. It worked almost immediately. I was a big fan of Chaos back in the Spectrum days and I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted playing that game in the past. However, this port took a matter of minutes once I'd found and downloaded Quirky's code.

Chaos2x for GP2X

[IMG] BETA 1 released 21st September 2008

Please note that porting and writing software takes a lot of time, effort and sometimes money. Hosting space for this website and downloads costs a lot of money too. Please consider donating to support this programmer.