STPPC2x is a port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection to the GP2X handheld games console.  The code was ported by Ledow and a number of additional features were added to turn it into a single, coherent puzzle collection playable on a handheld Linux machine.    I have also included two "unfinished" games from the original collection, a new game that I wrote based on one I found in a book and a third-party one (from Eddy Macnaghten's website:

It has since been ported, untouched, to the Dingoo A320, the GP2X Wiz, and has had other unfinished/partial ports to the Playstation Portable and many other similar machines.

Full instructions are included, with in-game help for those who just want to jump into the games. They are simple to install - just unzip and copy the entire folder to your GP2X's SD card and then select a game built-in menu. Full source code is available in the same place as the game download. There is also an optional music pack with tracks from Mr Lou. If installed, this will allow you to have some nice music playing while you puzzle.

Please note that the files contain the various LICENCE files for the source, and that the base programs were written by Simon Tatham and the other people mentioned there. I used Deja Vu fonts, the Open2x toolchain and libraries, SDL_gfx, INIParser and Paeryn's accelerated SDL library to do it. For those interested, I wrote the code (over 6000 lines of C) entirely using "pico", a plain text editor.

This version is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence, which is included with the downloads, even though the original games were made available under a different licence.  I believe this is perfectly acceptable.  Basically, if you want something other than the GPL, don't try to use my code as the basis but go back to the original source.